Thursday, July 02, 2009

Name the Piano Contest

I need your help. We need suggestions for a new name. In a few weeks we will be making room in our home for a new addition. No, not a new baby, we’ve been there and done that a few times (actually three but who’s counting). This time it’s a new piano for my home studio.  
For the last 24 years I have had a very reliable instrument that has served me well but it has started to get a little creaky and grumpy. So much so that my piano technician friends have needed to resort to Superglue on more than one occasion to keep it playable. So I am thrilled to report that through a surprising set of circumstances a very nice Steinway B has been made available to me and it is scheduled for delivery in a few weeks.  In anticipation of the blessed event, Brenda has decided that the new piano needs a name. We have agreed that the piano is female but we are fresh out of good ideas. So, we will accept nominations from all corners and I will send a complimentary CD to the best suggestion for your trouble.  
Here is a picture my new piano on display at Paul Robinson’s Acme Piano Company in San Diego.

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minim said...

I think it looks like a Jeremiah. Good luck with your name search!