Saturday, January 09, 2010

“Push Reset to Restore Factory Settings”

Yesterday I had a day. It wasn't completely terrible, but is was one of the proverbial THOSE DAYS. Most of the agenda I had created for myself was delayed, deferred, or otherwise scuttled by events that were either unanticipated or out of my direct control. My usual pattern is to shake my fist at the heavens, drink another three cups of very caffeinated coffee, and then push F2 to start another game of Spider Solitaire.

I guess you could call this "all or nothing" thinking in that the internal monologue sounds something like this... "So if I can't finish this task, and I can''t reach that progress benchmark the way I planned. . . well then, the day is just a waste so I am not going to try to do anything productive." To compound matters, if I allow it this pattern can easily extend to a series of BAD DAYS, BAD WEEKS or . . . Well, it doesn't usually extend that longer than that.

My point is to recognize the negative cost of defining the quality of my experience with a value-based label. Calling the day a bad one just reeks of subjective judgments with sinister implications that all may not be quite right with the world. The day was just a day. Important things happened in lots of places, some even quite near me. In fact, much of what I did do was worthwhile and needed to be done, it just wasn't on the list
I made at the start of the day. Hmmm

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