Friday, February 12, 2010

A Different Project (Name the CD contest)

Hey, I need you help. I am terrible at thinking up titles for things and I could use some creative assistance.

Last summer I was inspired to play around with a concept that was inspired by my sister Carolyn's new business venture. You see, my sister, has a green thumb and can grow amazing things, especially tomatoes. If you want to see pictures you can click here to visit her blog and look for yourself.

Anyway, I found the images so stunningly beautiful that I decided to create some music that expressed some of those impressions. You should be able to hear three sample tracks that were recorded last summer while I was in the middle of my work on my recently released album, Chiaroscuro. These takes are unedited and quite raw, so you will need to forgive some of the warts, but you can get an idea of what the music will sound like.

Carolyn says I need to get this finished in the next few weeks so she can have them in her booth at the farmers markets, so I need to get moving on this. Oh yeah, about the titles--so far the working title has been "vegetable music" but no one I've talked to thinks that is any good. So here's the deal, send me your best ideas and I will send the winning entry a CD of your choice.

Solstice by Paul Kenyon, Piano
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Solistice.mp3 (3080 KB)

Phases by Paul Kenyon, Piano
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Phases.mp3 (3916 KB)

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Robert said...

Hi Paul,

I had a chance to listen to your "Apologies to Anna ..." piece and I was delighted by what I heard. Of course, every piano student has played the original and is familiar with it. You managed to infuse a completely fresh approach to the material while still making the listener remember why the world has loved this piece for the last 400 years.
My favorite part? The absolutely lovely and lilting middle section. It hints of the thematic and melodic materials previously, moves away from it, but still has the promise of a return to it coming soon. Your playing is wonderfully deft and tactile.
I would keep the title of this track just as is. I loved it!
Robert Ian Winstin