Sunday, May 09, 2010

Raising the Horizon Line Once Again

This poor blog has been scandalously neglected over the past few weeks as I have been pouring my energy and attention into some very satisfying performance projects. However, this evening I have come to a spot in the calendar where I am not performing again for a few weeks. With this pause in my routine I have opportunity to assess where I am, what I have accomplished, and what I truly want to do next.

Every so often my life seems to come to one of these moments that I describe as punctuation marks; where there seems to be an actual or a metaphorical corner to turn, where it seems obvious that I am moving from one season to another, or that my energy is shifting from one focus to another. While it is certainly tempting to overdramatize these moments, there are certainly occasions when my circumstances serve to remind me that the most serious limitations upon my life and work are my own thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. Today I am encouraging myself to raise my eyes a little higher on the horizon, to see out a little farther, and to imagine bigger things.

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