Monday, June 30, 2008

Books in your inbox?

I have been digging up all sorts of geeky odds and ends this month. A new favorite is something called

In their FAQ page they offer this explanation--"We created DailyLit because we spent hours each day on email but could not find the time to read a book. Now the books come to us by email. Problem solved." Currently, I am about 6 daily installments into a free offering by Tom Peters, called 100 Ways to Succeed/Make Money. They offer a number of additional public domain titles free of charge, such as Jane Austen or Shakespeare. And then of course you can order titles that actually cost money.

While I don't expect this would ever become my normal channel for accessing the printed word, I have enjoyed the ride so far and it seems an idea worth watching.


LeLe said...

Oooh, that's really cool. Thanks for the tip. You can also check out to download public domain audio books in mp3 format.

Helene said...

Hi Paul - Nice to find your blog through Twitter. I studied with Nadia Reisenberg and still teach privately. Right now I am immersed in building my AmeriPlan business which got me into internet marketing and blogging.