Thursday, July 17, 2008

Full week of piano camp

Today was the fourth day of our week-long piano camp on campus. I started the Point Loma Keyboard Institute about 10 years ago and the thing just seems to keep on going. Jane Bastien taught the master-classes this morning, coaching some Chopin and Kabalevsky. In the past few days I played a solo recital and presented a series of lectures on the piano sonata across historical periods. Today we finished with a very respectable recital of the students playing solo pieces. Tomorrow is the conclusion with more classes, lessons and a concert of piano ensemble music. Fortunately, I have had a wonderful group of colleagues and graduates who have been helping with the teaching and otherwise keeping me sane.


LeLe said...

Is Jane Bastien one of the Bastiens that writes (or wrote) all the piano books that piano teachers use to teach people to play the piano? If so, I grew up on her work. I remember those theory books (I hated theory) and the different learning levels. I can picture them in my head. :) I still have them and hope to use them to teach my future children one day.

Paul Kenyon said...

Yes, this is the same Jane Bastien. She and her late husband James wrote the books in the well-known teaching series. Their daughters Lori and Lisa have been contributing to their teaching library for many years now.

LeLe said...

That's so cool!