Sunday, January 31, 2010

After Three Weeks and 20 Posts

So I have been writing this month. Well, after years of journaling
fanatically and religiously I have always written. The difference now is
that in at least this modest way I am actually publishing what I am
writing. A few days ago one of my mentors, Charrise McCrorey, asked me,
"So how is this writing business working for you?" It seems that whenever
we talk by phone during my weekly coaching sessions, there is always a
point in the conversation where I am completely at a loss to know what to
say. My brain just freezes and I struggle to utter even the dumbest
banalities. So after what seemed like forever, I blurted out that I was
surprised at the favorable responses I had received. What I had expected
to be a quiet little exercise to make my brain work differently than my
ordinary patterns, had begun to feed a part of me that felt pretty good.
Still, I was surprised to get these quick little messages on Facebook and
Twitter indicating that at least a few of the things were connecting and
resonating with people.

To any and all of you who have taken the time to respond to these blog
entries, I say "thank you so much for your encouraging words." If you have
suggestions for where you would like me to go with these explorations,
then I would love to hear from you. My goal is to use about 100 or so of
these postings to "workshop" my way through some material that has been
germinating in the well-fertilized soil of my consciousness for a decade
or so. If I develop the stamina to persist in the process and the thick
skin to ignore criticism, then my intent is to craft the sum of the parts
into a book manuscript over the next 12-18 months. The foundation for my
work is the Performing with Poise seminars that I have conducted since the
early 1990's but the material continues to morph over time. Stay tuned and
we will see where it all leads.

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