Sunday, January 17, 2010

My “To Do” List

I have this big “to do” list of things that I have very good intentions about. On January 1, I sat down to list different professional colleagues, concert presenters and other professional contacts that I felt were strategically important for me to connect with during the first weeks of this new year. Well, stuff happens. And more often than I want to admit, the stuff that I really intend to do gets set aside. So my list of 100 things I wanted to do promote my performances, build my concert calendar, and market my recordings has stagnated in a way that embarrasses me. Now some of this can be explained away by cool things that showed up in the interim, but a lot of my inactivity is due to my fear of failure, rejection, or the taunting voice of the “good enough” demon that lives in the lower left quadrant of my cerebral cortex. So as I look ahead at the start of a new week I am resolving to get over myself and get busy with working through my list. A friend of mine who was a master at persuasive marketing used to say about approaching sales prospects, “Some will, some won’t, but so what. . .” Check back in with me next week to see how I am doing with my list, and yes, please bug me about it.

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