Friday, January 15, 2010

Chopin Immersion

I suppose that we will soon be saturated with Chopin's music in the same
way that many of us have recently overdosed on Christmas music. With the
bicentennial of the master's birthday landing in a few weeks on March 1, I
am a little surprised that the ubiquitous hype machine hasn't made more
obnoxious noise about the event yet. Maybe I simply haven't been paying
attention to the proper channels. With my own celebratory concerts
scheduled I am as guilty of cheap exploitation as the next guy, so I have
been busying myself with mazurkas here and a polonaise there. The good
news is that I really love this stuff! Each day that I return to practice
this repertoire remarkable revelations have been waiting for me. This
music is truly wonderful. My first performances of my Chopin celebration
program for this season start next week with a school concert in La Jolla,
California. I really can't wait to play it.

Here are some pictures from an earlier performance visit to the Preuss
Charter School.

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